It’s the second Sunday of Advent and Pastor Steve brought us a beautiful message about gifts today. To listen to Pastor’s message, simply click the play button on the audio player below. I’ve also included our special Advent Call to Worship and links to Scriptures that Pastor Steve references in his message.

Call to Worship

“The Message of Christmas Is in a Name – Immanuel”

And they shall call His name Immanuel, which is translated, “God with us.” –Matthew 1:23

The name Immanuel is a translation of two Hebrew words expressing “God is with us.” God with us. Not some prophet or teacher or holy man. But God Himself clothed in human flesh—with us! He came to where we are so we could go eternally to where He is. God…always with us.

            God—that is majesty. With us—that is mercy. God—that is glory. With us—that is grace. He came to be with us, to give us what we never deserved and to not give us what we did deserve. He could not be Jesus without being Immanuel. That is, in order to save us, He first had to come and be with us, taking on human flesh. At Bethlehem we see God with us. At Calvary we see God for us. At Pentecost we see God in us.

From O.S. Hawkins’ The Christmas Code

Scripture References

Isaiah 40:3-5

Isaiah 2:4

Luke 2:10-14

Romans 5:1

Luke 2:15-20

Matthew 2:10-11

Matthew 2:2

Isaiah 7:14

John 17:22-26

Praying your week is abundantly blessed, as we focus on Christ during this season. Praise God He is Immanuel — God with us!

One thought on “Gifts

  1. Pastor Steve,

    This is a very good message and seems to be directed to each of us….right to our hearts. It was personal for me and I listened to parts of it again. This message told me that Jesus is after one thing….our HEARTS and he desires that we give it to HIM. Thanks and GOD BLESS.

    archie & evelyn.


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