Jesus’ Arrest & Betrayal, pt. 2

Last Sunday, Pastor Alan taught from the final part of John 18, when Pilate spoke with Jesus and asked his ultimate question, “What is truth?” To listen to this message, simply click play on the audio player below. I’ve also included the outline and links to the verses referenced. Enjoy!

Pilate’s Ultimate Question

John 18:33-40

Reason for John’s gospel? John 20:30-31

What is eternal life? John 17:3

  1. Jesus demands we answer for ourselves what we have come to think of Him, not what others have told us to think.
  2. Jesus demands we take accountability for the choices we make in life.
    • John 18:35
    • Pilate was the ultimate “buck passer.”
  3. Jesus answers the question of kingship that the Jews were trying to catch Him on.
    • John 18:36
    • He is a King, but not a threat to Caesar.
    • His kingdom is not of this world.
  4. In Jesus’ kingdom, it’s not about the world’s view of a powerful king.
    • John 18:37-38
    • It’s about the reign of truth.
      • Those who are aligned with Jesus’ kingdom listen to His truth.
      • Others say, “What is truth?”
  5. We all have a choice as to whom we identify with.
    • John 18:39-40
    • The world wants Barabbas (evil/lawlessness/destruction).
    • The Christian wants Jesus (Truth/Life).

Conclusion: There is such a thing as objective truth! Christ is the Truth. It’s never a matter of whether Christ is or isn’t the Truth. It’s only a matter of whether we will answer the question, “What is truth?” with the declaration of Christ: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.”

Application: It’s clear that Christ is the King of His kingdom. This calls us to the kingdom living outlined in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus’ model prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), and the High Priestly Prayer (John 17). The call is to be kingdom people who know that Jesus is the Truth.

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