Proverbs: Wise Words to Live by in a Wicked World

Hello again! Pastor Alan’s second message he shared with us (from January 15th) was entitled “Wise Words to Live by in a Wicked World.” To listen to this message, simply click play on the audio player below.

I’ve also included Alan’s outline with links to Bible Gateway for the Scripture references. Enjoy and be blessed!

Proverbs: Wise Words to Live by in a Wicked World

  1. Review
    • Proverbs says you cannot have wisdom without having a fear of God.
    • We must acknowledge the authority and control that God has in the affairs of our lives – that is a part of godly wisdom.
    • It is foolish to despise the wisdom and fear and instruction of God (in other words, trying to do it all on your own) – Proverbs 1:7.

Types of Fools in Proverbs

  1. The Mocker/Scoffer (Proverbs 21:24)
    • Scoff at “ignorant, foolish Christians” who don’t understand the way the world “really” is.
    • The mocker may be “worldly or sophisticated” but they are really arrogant and have “overbearing pride.”
  2. The Simple (Proverbs 14:15)
    • The simple/naive fool is marked by gullibility/easily led astray (“sheeple”) and are intellectually lazy
    • They tend to believe everything and remember nothing
  3. The Obstinate (Proverbs 1:22c)
    • Most common and most dangerous type of fool in Proverbs.
    • Hates knowledge!
    • This person is highly opinionated: won’t listen to advice or correction.
    • Listening in Proverbs means acting upon advice or correction.
    • Proverbs 26:5, 26:17, 26:12, 26:16
  4. The Troublemaker (Proverbs 6:12-15)
    • This person creates conflict, often through gossip (spreading lies) & fault-finding (pointing out others’ problems before examining themselves)
    • They cause real damage (both in the Church and in the world)
    • Think of the Pharisee and the tax collector praying in the Temple (Luke 18:9-14)
  5. The Sluggard (Proverbs 6:6-11)
    • Lives by the motto: “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?”
    • They build their ultimate demise little by little: A day off here and there won’t hurt; a few more minutes on break won’t hurt anyone…

Proverbs 3:1-12 – Our Responsibilities (the odd verses) and God’s Promised Responses (the even verses)

  1. Introduction (v. 1-4) – A human father’s instruction to his son
    • v. 1: Responsibility: Don’t forget the father’s teaching and keep the commandments.
    • v. 2: Response (Reward/Promise): Long life, well-being
    • v. 3: Responsibility: Continually practice mercy and truth. Mercy is described in Proverbs 3:27-30
    • v. 4: Response: You will have a better relationship with God and others.
  2. Our Relating to God (v. 5-10)
    • v. 5-6a: Responsibility: Trust God fully and acknowledge Him. The opposite is to arrogantly say, “I did it my way…”
    • v. 6b: Response: He will make things easier to navigate.
    • v. 7: Responsibility: Be humble, fear God, and repent.
    • v. 8: Response: Healing and refreshing
      • Don’t be deceived – a man will reap what he sows. (Galatians 6:7)
      • We can shorten our lives by constantly disregarding God’s wisdom.
      • God will no be mocked.
    • v. 9: Responsibility: Honor God through what we do with our financial resources – bring Him our first fruits
    • v. 10: Response: God gives more to those who show responsibility with what they’ve been given (Parable of the Talents – Matthew 25:14-30)
  3. A Warning (v. 11-12)
    • v. 11: Responsibility: to avoid loving discipline, do the above. If discipline comes, don’t despise it.
      • No discipline = total disaster
      • Punished to the 3rd & 4th generations
      • Blessed to the 1000th generation (about 30,000 years!)
    • v. 12: Response: God disciplines those He loves. It is proof we are His delight!

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