Jesus’ Triumphal Entry to People’s Worship

Hi all! I am attempting to get caught up (again!), so I’ll be posting the messages we have from Alan from the last few weeks over the next days, beginning with his Palm Sunday message. To listen to this message, simply click play on the audio player below. I’ve also included his outline and some notes, along with links to Scripture at Bible Gateway. Praying you are blessed by this message.

Jesus’ Entry to People’s Worship

Introduction: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, at the beginning of Passover week, is met by the praise of people. This event is commonly referred to as the Triumphal Entry and also referred to as Palm Sunday. Every gospel records this event. This event teaches us the reasons we should praise Jesus. I’ll only read one of the gospel recordings, but look at all of them, because there are unique words in each record. Palm Sunday is all about praise! We will look at praise from four aspects.

The four gospel accounts of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry:

  1. The Context of the People’s Praise: the feast of Passover
  2. The Center of the People’s Praise: Jesus
  3. The Content of the People’s Praise: Hosanna!
  4. The Critics of the People’s Praise: the Pharisees

Conclusion: Praise is the answer to pity and the weapon against the enemy (Psalm 8:2).

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