Proverbs on the Use of Speech and Money

Hi again! A few weeks ago, Alan taught on Proverbs 10:1-16 all about the use of speech and money matters. To listen to this message, simply click play on the audio player below. I’ve also included Alan’s outline with some notes and links to Bible Gateway for the Scripture references. Enjoy!

*Note: we didn’t get the first bit of this message recorded, so it starts in the midst of part two. Sorry!

Proverbs on the Use of Speech and Money

Proverbs 10:1-16

Big Point: How one conducts oneself in the matter of speech and money can be a matter of life and death. James 3:1-6

  1. Parents have the responsibility of teaching wisdom in relation to the use of money and speech. (Proverbs 10:1)
    • The child’s responsibility is to listen and to “honor your father & mother” (Deuteronomy 5:16)
    • Wisdom (or lack thereof) affects both community and generations
  2. There is a vital connection between wealth, righteousness, and eternal life. (Proverbs 10:2-5)
    • v. 2
      • Four things this verse doesn’t say
        • If you live righteously, you’ll live a long life.
        • The wicked will live a shorter life.
        • A person can’t accumulate great wealth through wicked means.
        • If you live righteously, you will never experience want.
      • What this verse does say –
        • Your treasures can’t protect you from death/eternal judgment.
        • Luke 12:13-21 (this is where the recording begins)
    • v. 3 – the righteous do not get their satisfaction from their treasure (Matthew 5:6)
      • “You will never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul.” -Chuck Swindoll
    • v. 4 – the one who is always/continuously lazy/slothful will be poor
    • v. 5 – time is the most important commodity – you can never get it back
  3. Words have powerful effects on ourselves and others. (Proverbs 10:6-14)
    • Big truth: Harmful words have a boomerang effect.
    • v. 6 – the wicked hide their true motives, but it will come back to haunt them.
    • v. 7 – the words of the righteous will bring them honor, but the words of the wicked will rot (decay, make it stink) their reputation
    • v. 8 – the wise person is teachable, but know-it-alls come to ruin.
    • v. 9 – the more you lie, the better your memory needs to be! The schemer will be found out.
      • Some people have a long enough tongue to cut their own throat.
    • v. 10 – the “wink, wink guy” or people who use prayer requests as an excuse to gossip, etc. – they are troublemakers, they divide people & will come to ruin
    • v. 11 – the speech of the righteous is refreshing – it brings eternal life; wickedness/deception is draining/soul-sucking
    • v. 13 – those whose ears are closed to the truth sometimes need the rod, nothing else will get through to them
    • v. 12 – two ways to respond to others’ words against us:
      • in like kind (with hatred, baiting)
      • in love (which covers all transgressions)
    • v. 14 – need to have a knowledge base to deal with people we encounter
  4. Final words on wealth. (Proverbs 10:15-16)
    • v. 15 – A person who doesn’t have wisdom thinks their wealth will give them security.
      • It may give you some security in life, but not in eternal life.
      • 1 Timothy 6:10
    • v. 16 – Romans 6:23
    • Wealth can give a false sense of security and poverty can be a terrifying thing. The only way to get a proper perspective is to weigh things in light of eternity.
  5. Conclusion: Another reason to read Proverbs is to keep a proper view on the power of words and money.

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