Proverbs on Relationships

Hello again. Last Sunday, Alan taught on Proverbs 27:1-22 regarding relationships. To listen to this message, simply click play on the audio player below. Also included are Alan’s outline with some notes and links to Bible Gateway for the verses he references in the message. Enjoy!

Proverbs 27:1-22

Big Idea: These Proverbs teach on the relationships of friends, neighbors, marriage, and parenting.

  1. The Need for Praise (Proverbs 27:1-2)
    • v.1 – don’t make boastful assumptions about how things are going to happen
    • v.2 – be careful about self-praise & self-promotion (especially above your own level of competence)
      • “Praise that has a degree of merit is that which comes from unbiased sources.”
  2. Three Types of People to Avoid (Proverbs 27:3-4)
    • Fools (the emotionally irrational) – avoid the vexation (frustration, annoyance, or worry) of a fool
    • Hotheads (the angry) – are cruel & destructive, like a torrent or raging river
    • Jealous people (the envious) – an angry person is bad enough to deal with, but a jealous person is on a whole other level (think of Saul’s jealousy of David)
  3. Proverbs on Friendship (Proverbs 27:5-10)
    • v.5-6 – the benefit of a caring rebuke
    • v.7-8 – two things to guard against in marriage
      • those who are so satiated by wrong things that despise healthy things are sick
      • wandering leaves you vulnerable & exposed to sin
    • v.9-10 – two marks of good friends
      • good friends give needed counsel & are there for you in times of need
  4. Parenting Advice & Negative Warnings (Proverbs 27:11-16)
    • v.11-12 – father/son dynamic
      • a father should parent his son in such a way that the son’s life validates/honors his father
    • v.13-16 – three more people NOT to get involved with
      • shrewd business people
      • overly flattering people
      • contentious/nagging wives
  5. Final Words on Friendship (Proverbs 27:17-22)
    • v.17 – a good friend helps you be more purposeful and effective
    • v.18 – a good friend makes life sweeter & easier
    • v.19 – a good friend helps you with self-evaluation
    • v.20 – a good friend has boundaries & respects yours (unlike the leech – Proverbs 30:15)
    • v.21 – a good friend knows what merits praise and what doesn’t
    • v.22 – a good friend is wise and doesn’t persist in foolish behaviors that bring the inevitable consequence of grinding discipline

Conclusion: The Proverbs are a trusty roadmap for navigating through the different relationships we are involved in.

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