The Crucifixion of Christ

Hello again! Yesterday, Pastor Alan taught from John 19:1-37 about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To listen to this message, simply click play on the audio player below. I’ve also included the outline and links to the Scriptures he references. Enjoy!

The Crucifixion of Christ

John 19:1-37

Introduction: What is the most important thing about Christianity? 1 Corinthians 15:1-5 tells us that it is the death, burial, resurrection, & post-resurrection appearances of Christ.

  1. The Rejection of Christ as King (John 19:1-5)
    • They mock Him.
      • Crown Him, but with a crown of thorns
      • Clothe Him in royal purple
    • Mocking Him is even more than just rejecting (turning away from) Him.
  2. The Reality of Christ as King (John 19:6-11)
    • Pilate needed a reason to crucify Jesus.
      • He is finally convinced that Jesus’ kingship makes Him an insurrectionist, a threat to Caesar.
  3. The Reality of Christ Brings a Decision (John 19:12-16)
    • The Jewish people made their decision:
      • They’d rather have the world (earthly king/Caesar) & all its oppression than the Kingdom of God & all its freedom.
  4. Jesus’ Crucifixion as King of the Jews (John 19:17-22)
    • Pilate wrote “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews” in Aramaic, Latin, and Greek on a sign tacked to the cross.
  5. Jesus’ Crucifixion as a Fulfillment of Prophecies (John 19:23-37)
  6. Jesus Accomplished His Work (John 19:30)
    • Tetelestai (It is accomplished/finished.)
    • The debt of our sin is fully paid in Christ (Hebrews 9:26-28)

Conclusion: Christ finished everything necessary for the forgiveness of our sin on the cross. That was what was accomplished–nothing more, nothing less! The cross was the power for our forgiveness. The resurrection is the power for everything else. The cross itself doesn’t by itself empower you for living out the Christian life. Christ died for the forgiveness of our sins, but He rose to conquer death and impart us with His promised eternal life.