I’m not one for making resolutions. I used to be, but I found myself getting so upset when I messed up or gave up on my resolution, that I decided a few years ago that I was never going to bother again. Why set myself up for failure??

But, this year, I’m getting back into the spirit…in a way. I decided to look to the Word of God for New Year’s Resolution ideas this time around. What would God want me to do with my time, my energy, my talents, my life this year?

What better place to find instruction than in the Psalms. As I was looking around I turned to Psalm 105 and the first five verses gave me ten simple, yet meaningful things I can do to grow closer to God and to serve Him better in the New Year:


Psalm 105:1-5, NLT


So, I resolve to do my best to be a light for the Lord while He has me here, to seek Him first and continually, and to share His love with others. I promise, however, to sing to Him in private, so as not to offend anyone’s ears! 🙂

I pray that whatever resolutions you make this year draw you closer to the Lord and that you are abundantly blessed today and every day!

2 thoughts on “Resolved.

  1. Lauren, Thanks for the great New Years resolutions from Psalms 105 Hope to see you this morning Lv Carol

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  2. Amen to all those. Great reminder for us. This bears reading weekly…then “just do it.”
    Love to you and family….daughter.


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