He Did This Just for You

The first Sunday of each month here at Colona Community Church, we celebrate Communion.

Every time I am blessed to participate in the act of Communion, I am reminded of a beautiful story that was shared at a retreat I was on a number of years ago. The young man who was speaking was reflecting on Jesus’ time on the cross. He told us to think on the idea that after Jesus had already endured so much, and even though He knew what was still to come before His resurrection, He looked out over the crowd beneath the cross. But He didn’t simply see the soldiers casting lots for His clothing or the women weeping over His crucifixion or the people mocking Him—He saw all of us, every man, woman, and child from creation to the end of days. And looking across that unfathomable sea of people, He locked eyes with you (yes, you) and said, “Even if you were the only one, I’d still do this.” While His body was broken and His blood was spilling, He looked on you with love and knew that He’d do whatever it took, face all of God’s wrath, be separated from His Father, just for you, just to save YOU.

He remembered you and me when He was on the cross, and that is why we should be honored and humbled to celebrate Communion in remembrance of Him and all He did (and still does) for us.

God bless you today and every day!

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