Authentic Belief

Good evening! I finally have a chance to post Pastor Alan’s messages for the past two Sundays. The message below is from December 5th and is based on John 4:46-5:16. To listen to this message, simply click play on the audio player below. I’ve also included notes from the message with links to the verses on Bible Gateway. Enjoy!

Why did John write his gospel? John 20:30-31

  1. Healing a Nobleman’s Son
    • John 4:43-45
      • some consider this a Bible contradiction, but Jesus was welcomed not honored; do we want Jesus for Himself or for what He can give us?
    • John 4:46-48
      • the world says that seeing is believing; God says BELIEVING IS SEEING
      • Hebrews 11:1-3
    • John 4:47
      • there will always be a point in our lives when something will hit us that we have no control over.
      • Mark 9:14-29
    • John 4:49-54
      • Jesus is not limited by the necessity of His presence
      • “I believe. Help my unbelief.”
      • Authentic belief abides in Christ and grows in Christ
  2. The Healing at Bethesda
    • John 5:1-9
      • Jesus miraculously healed the man
    • John 5:10
      • outward obedience does not equal inward change/faith
    • John 5:11
      • the ungrateful man threw Jesus “under the bus”
    • John 5:12-14
      • the man was so self-involved, he didn’t even know who Jesus was
    • John 5:15
      • unlike the nobleman, this man never put his faith in Christ
    • John 5:16-18
      • the moment when Jesus & the Pharisees really began to butt heads

Things to note

  1. Obedience isn’t always a mark of saving faith.
    • Three Requirements to be a Christ Follower
      1. be born again
      2. live in dependence on Christ
      3. obey
  2. Not always, but sometimes, sickness can be a direct result of sin (v. 14)
    • 1 John 5:16-17 — habitual, unrepentant sin can lead to physical death
  3. We must be careful not to put our rules above compassion
  4. Jesus is equal to God (v. 18)

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