The Authority of Jesus Christ

Good evening, again! Here’s is Pastor Alan’s message from December 12th, teaching about John 5:16-47. To listen to this message, click play on the audio player below. Also included is Pastor Alan’s outline and links to verses on Bible Gateway. 🙂

Background – a question of his authority to heal on the Sabbath. John 5:16-18

  1. Jesus has authority from God the Father. John 5:19-20
  2. Jesus has authority to give life. John 5:21, 24-26, 28-29
  3. Jesus has authority to judge. John 5:22, 27, 30
  4. Jesus has multiple witnesses to who he is and his authority.
  5. The response to the witnesses and Jesus himself.  John 5:40-44

What is our response to Jesus’s call for authority over our lives?

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